A job creation solution for every community

SoloWorks is a proven economic and workforce development solution to help mitigate the devastating impact of COVID-19

What is

  • It is a fast, low-cost, easy and sustainable way to create economic base jobs and lower the community’s carbon footprint.
  • It is a one-stop suite of turn-key programs that systematically recruits, trains, places and supports individuals in remote jobs.
  • It connects the unemployed and underemployed with companies around the country who are hiring remote workers.
  • It provides jobs in communities where there are limited options for economic and workforce development.
  • It offsets temporary and permanent job losses due to COVID-19.
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why soloworks?

Dramatically increase the number, quality and selection of jobs available in your community, and grow your qualified workforce in the process

Move your unemployed and underemployed into full-time jobs quickly.
Produce economic base jobs faster and more efficiently than current economic development approaches.
Meet short-term and long-term job needs by placing workers quickly, and providing pathways to higher paying jobs with ongoing support.
Can be conducted anywhere at any scale and serve virtually any population.

the process

Bringing SoloWorks to your community is fast, easy, and sustainable.

The soloworker experience

Step 1. Sign up

You've submitted a form!

Step 2. Come on in

You're invited to participate!

Step 3. Assessments

Let's see where you're at. What are your skills?

Step 4: Remote Work Training

Learn what you'll need to know to succeed in remote work!

Step 5: Materials

Let's help you prepare.

Step 6: Career Path Planning

What do you want for yourself?

Step 7: Customized Training/Placement

Let's find options that match your goals

Step 8: Ongoing support

We're here for you for the long haul!

get started today

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